(of a person, typically one who is relatively small or weak) lively, determined, and courageous.


Why Feisty?

It all began one Sunday in church when our pastor started using the word feisty. It caught both of our attention, though neither of us voiced it out loud. At least, not until a few weeks later… Over those few weeks, our pastor continued to use this word to describe the fire that was missing in Christians today. We’re just not FEISTY about our faith. We know theology, attend church services, and post our favorite Bible verses on social media. But we’re not feisty!

One hard, lonely night, we both opened up to each other about our trials. Life can just be so HARD. Why us? Why now? Haven’t we been obedient? Everyone else sees us as these good girls who are immune to life’s darkness, so why did we feel so terrible about ourselves? We very easily could have continued our spiral into self-pity.

However, God steered us down a different path that night. It finally clicked. We weren’t feisty about our faith. Complaining about our circumstances was so easy and satisfying in the moment, but we couldn’t deny the truth God had just placed on our hearts. We were awakened to our own sinfulness in a new way, as God revealed how apathetic and complacent we had become in our faith. Instead of leaving us in a valley of hopelessness, however, God revealed Himself to us faithful and good. He gave us both a deeper realization of His present and active working in our lives to redeem even the most hopeless of situations for His and our good.

We were seeing our situations in a whole new light. That night, God gave us perspective to see the joy that He offers us through our obedient submission to His plan. Instead of rebelling and complaining to God about our circumstances, we repented and experienced the sweetness of abiding in Christ. Even though our circumstances did not change, our hearts had. We saw the future as hopeful, not as something to be afraid or despondent about.

We know what it’s like to feel lonely, confused, hurt, and helpless. Friend, you are NOT alone. You ARE loved, treasured, and beautiful! We’re so excited to learn and grow alongside you.

Love, Molly and Danielle